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Why ClearBridge?

Our principles are more than good ideas; they guide how we deliver our services day in and day out.

Our principles are more than good ideas; they guide how we deliver our services day in and day out. The six principles below have created a strong foundation for our business and a roster of delighted clients.


  • Independent and objective – We believe companies require highly-experienced, objective advice to successfully balance the needs of multiple stakeholders.


  • Emphasis on advice, not just data – We view ourselves as advisors who assist companies in making critical business decisions. We identify relevant market information and apply it to each client situation. We use data as an input, not the answer.


  • Highly proactive – We collaborate with our clients throughout the planning process to ensure there are “no surprises.” And, we keep our clients up-to-date on the ever-changing market, quickly interpreting what the latest news means to each of them.


  • Exceedingly responsive – We believe being great isn’t enough. We also have to be there for our clients, helping them every step of the way. Our approach leads to peace of mind for our clients and superior results for their companies.


  • Directly address the tough issues – We help our clients address the substantive issues that accompany compensation planning to arrive at the answers that best address their unique business needs.


  • Significant senior partner involvement – We believe the critical and sensitive nature of compensation issues requires direct involvement by experienced senior partners.

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